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Sponsored Reading Challenge.

We are very excited to launch our first, of hopefully many, Sponsored Reading Challenges.

Our main aim with our challenges is that they are accessible and fun for all families.

  • Inclusive for children from all backgrounds.

No matter where you live in the UK you can complete these challenges without having to go anywhere. There is also no need to spend money to complete these challenges on either visits or accessories, you can just use the books you have at home or borrow one from school. Our parent notes give you tips on completing the challenges.

  • Inclusive for children with additional needs.

No one should miss out on taking part in fun challenges so we hope that all these challenges can be completed by most children, this may require a few adjustments depending on disabilities or needs but again our parent notes give ideas on how to do this.

  • Affordable in terms of sponsorship but still giving great results to school.

There are 10 challenges in total and all our books are just £2.99 each so if a child completes each challenge for just 30p that's a book for school! Imagine if every child in school completed the challenge!! (A school of 150 = 150 books, a school of 600 well imagine that!)

PLUS you know we want to give more than just affordability and so we will also be giving away addition bonus boxes - see below!

  • To make reading fun!

Finally, and most importantly we want to make reading fun! There are plenty of occasions to read for the purpose of checking comprehension or reading as a group but we want to encourage reading just for fun. All of our challenges are perhaps a little silly but what a great way to keep children engaged! This is also a great challenge to run over the summer or half terms. We have left each challenge black and white so children can colour them in as they complete them. The final challenge is free for children to think of their own idea, draw it, complete it and colour it in. A great conversation for your class or group too, what will they come up with?


How do you get your school or group involved.

To register your school to take part simple email Lynne at with the name of your school and number of pupils taking part.

We will send everything you need to start your reading challenge as pdfs.

  1. The Reading Challenge itself
  2. Notes for parents
  3. A sponsorship form

You can either print these for each child or email to parents. Parents notes can just be read online so more eco friendly. The reading challenge will need to be printed to allow children to colour it in but we have kept colours pale and limited so fun but low in colour ink requirements. You could also print in black and white.

At the end of the challenge..

We will send you a pdf Certificate to send out to all the children who took part.

Lynne will also be in touch to arrange spending your sponsorship money and claiming your free box of bonus books.


Who can take part?

Any school or group in the UK can take part.

If you are part of a Scout or Girl Guiding group you could tie this challenge in with a reading badge. Or why not raise the money for books (including your free bonus books) for a local children's charity, children's hospital or group within your community.

This would also be a great challenge for home education groups to get involved with too!


Books for Bugs Bonus Rewards Boxes-

We have tiered rewards to give you extra books for all your efforts in raising funds for school. Please note titles in the Bonus Boxes will change regularly so images are just an example. However, the books in the picture do reflect the quality of the books we give away, as you can see they are popular titles and great authors.