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Arthur and the Guard Dog


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Johanne Mercier

AR level
LY 3.5


Arthur and the Guard Dog

I'm Arthur and I'm seven, and the other day at Picket Lake, Grandpa and I found a dog: a great big, hairy, grey and white dog. It was really friendly and it looked a bit lost, so we took it home with us. Of course, I wanted to keep him, but how were we ever going to persuade Grandma? Luckily, Cousin Eugene had an idea...

About the series: Arthur is a seven-year-old boy who is brilliant at being a seven-year-old-boy. When Arthur visits his grandparents' house by the lake, more often than not, he becomes entangled in a new adventure, which he must solve with the help of his pet duck and useless dog and hopefully without too much help from eccentric Cousin Eugene. These are witty stories full of understated humour and populated by quirky yet recognisable characters, and narrated by Arthur who has the rational worldview that comes exclusively from being seven-years-old.

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