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Blippin Alphabet Fun


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The A-B-Cs have never been as much F-U-N as when Youtube sensation Blippi teaches them in Blippi: Alphabet Fun!

This book comes with an audio CD and download of Blippi himself reading the book to your child. The CD and download also include some of his most popular songs, like "The Excavator Song"!

E is for excavator … and elephant … and so much more! Blippi introduces the words children will want to know as they learn each letter of the alphabet.

  • Each page of Blippi: Alphabet Fun! covers a letter in the alphabet, with matching words and eyecatching illustrations.
  • The book comes with an audio CD that includes Blippi reading the book, as well as some of his most popular YouTube songs, like "Monster Trucks" and "The Excavator Song"! On the last page is a QR code to scan and download everything that's on the CD.
  • This sweet, easy-to-read book is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.