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Children Like Us: Clothes around the World



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Moira Butterfield


Children Like Us: Clothes around the World

Take a journey around the world to discover some fantastic clothes worn by children around the world!

What do children wear in Russia where the temperature drops to minus 50?
What do children wear in the Middle East to protect themselves from burning sun and stinging sandstorms?
What do colours mean in clothes? Why do the Masai wear red, and Buddhist monks wear orange?

Find out in Clothes Around the World!

Children will love reading about their contemporaries in other countries, finding their way through clothes for special days and working days, clothes for hot and cold climates, and clothes made from the natural world.

Our world is full of amazing and different things. The Children Like Us series introduces children to people and places around the world. It shows them how different cultures live in unique ways and enables them to compare other people's lives with their own.

Inclues Art Station activities where readers are encouraged to use their new knowledge creatively!

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