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Dinosaur Roar! Bundle


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Peter Curtis


Meet the Dinosaurs in this brilliant rhyming story series, The World of Dinosaur Roar!, in association with the Natural History Museum.

Inspired by the classic picture book, Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland and Henrietta Stickland, this colourful series introduces a cast of authentic dinosaur characters to very young children and is approved by Dr Paul Barrett of the Department of Earth Sciences at the Natural History Museum in London. Each book also contains a pronunciation guide, as well as two pages of simple dinosaur facts, making this the perfect gift for young dinosaur fans!


This bundle includes:

  • Dinosaur Roar! The Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Dinosaur Squeak! The Compsognathus
  • Dinosaur Honk! The Parasaurolophus
  • Dinosaur Chew! The Iguanodon
  • Dinosaur Stomp! The Triceratops
  • Dinosaur Bash! The Ankylosaurus
  • Dinosaur Munch! The Diplodocus
  • Dinosaur Boo! The Deinonychus
  • Dinosaur Flap! The Oviraptor
  • Dinosaur Snap! The Spinosaurus
  • Dinosaur Whack! The Stegosaurus