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Down in the Jungle


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Catherine Veitch


Down in the Jungle is an illustrated picture book featuring three jungle animal stories for preschoolers and young children. 

  • Original tales to enjoy sharing together
  • Charming illustrations by talented picture book artists appeal to young children as they begin their sharing-stories journey
  • Thick paper for small hands to handle the book more easily

Your young child is full of curiosity and wonder, and sitting together to read the new stories in Down in the Jungle picture book is a lovely way to spend some time each day. You can read the stories, look at and chat about the book's pictures and what might happen next, or let your child turn the book's pages and 'read' themselves. 

The book's first story is The Copycat Chameleon, about Cedric who doesn't feel special. He meets lots of other animals in the jungle that all have special abilities, and he believes that he doesn't have any. And then he meets Clementine, another chameleon that likes him simply for who he is.

The second story in Down in the Jungle is The Curious Tiger, about Tejas who is so eager to learn about the forest, its animals and what they eat. Some of the animals he speaks to are a little afraid – he might be a hungry tiger – but they realise they can talk to him safely, so they come out of their hiding places. 

The book's last story is The Forgetful Elephant, about Ellery who keeps forgetting what he is asked to collect from the forest. One day, he forgets to be extra careful and wakes a leopard. As the leopard chases him, he remembers to stamp his feet as hard as he can, to warn the other elephants of danger. The older elephants ready themselves to protect him, and the leopard is scared away.