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If I Were...


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Miles Kelly


If I were…

Preschoolers will love joining the actions to words in this fantastic illustrated book.

If I were… is a wonderfully inclusive book, allowing young children to use fun actions to engage with reading subject-led books. Imagine the scene and try the action!

  • Inclusive illustrations to represent many diversities and abilities
  • Encourages interaction and movement, and having fun with the words on the page
  • Quick, but fun read to engage a young child, including children who are not instantly drawn to reading

If I were... includes If I were a Dinosaur, If I were on a Farm, If I were an Astronaut, and If I were Under the Sea.

Young children can practise performing big actions – such as If I were a dinosaur… I'd have big, stompy feet. Can you stamp your feet?, and smaller movements – such as If I were under the sea… I might show my teeth and snap my jaws. Give your biggest shark grin!

Author Fran Bromage is an experienced children's author and editor, with a special interest in early years and how language and learning supports development.