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Mc Tavish Goes Wild


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Meg Rosoff

AR level
MY 4.5


Reading Age: At Level Interest Age: 9+

ISBN: 9781781127612

It’s summer and the Peachey family is in crisis – again. Where will they go for their holiday? Betty Peachey thinks that camping is the answer and Ma Peachey knows just the place. But Pa Peachey is convinced that terrible dangers lurk in the great outdoors, Ollie only wants to know if there’s a disco and Ava would rather stay at home and read German philosophy. Will rescue dog McTavish figure out how to get the Peacheys to enjoy their family holiday – as a family?

And make sure you don’t miss out on McTavish’s very first adventure in Good Dog McTavish!

Information for Grown-Ups: This book has a super-readable layout and typeface so that even more readers can enjoy it. It is aimed at children aged 8-12.

AR Level – pending

Read the first chapter of McTavish Goes Wild here