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Picturing My Sadness (Knowing and showing feelings through art)


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Anna Shepherd


A unique and gentle art-therapy-based book to help children come to terms with their sadness through creativity

Picturing My Sadness encourages children to become 'sadness artists', using their amazing minds to get to know and show their sadness. Children are asked to think about the colours, textures and shapes that express the look and feel of sadness to them. Children consider and recognise how they act when they're sad and how they can 'speak' about sadness through art if finding words is hard. At the end of the book, children have a set of self-made resources to use again and again when they need a reminder of their creative coping skills.

All the Colours of Me is a series of books written by Art Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner, Anna Shepherd. The series addresses key emotions in the life of a child through safe and gentle creative engagement. Each books includes a guide for adults, a glossary of key terms and further resources for supporting children's emotional health, for age 5 and up.