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Rocks Bundle


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Ava Sawyer


Find out all about rocks with this new bundle..


Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary rocks are all around you. They form from soil, gravel, dust and other sediment. This type of rock is often affected by wind and water erosion. Learn how this can change an area's landscape and how sedimentary rocks are useful.

Igneous Rock

Did you know igneous rock is formed as a result of volcanic activity? This type of rock is made up of minerals. Find out more about minerals, where igneous rocks form and what purposes they serve. You may even have igneous rocks in your own home!

Metamorphic Rock

Did you know rocks could go through metamorphosis? Intense heat or pressure changes the form of metamorphic rocks. This type of rock is the oldest found on Earth. Find out where metamorphic rocks are formed, how they've impacted the planet's landscape and more.

Aimed at ages 8+