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Solving Space's Mysteries Bundle


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Lela Nargi & Ellen Labrecque

AR level
MY 4.1-4.3


Solving Space's Mysteries

Ever wondered how a black hole is created? Curious about dark matter? Spot something in the night sky and want to know exactly what it is? From constellations to moon phases to waht's in the furthest reaches of the uniiverse, here's your introduction to the mysteries - and wonders - of space.

Suitable for ages 8+ this pack includes:

  • 9781398204690 Mysteries of Black Holes and Dark Matter
  • 9781398204775 Mysteries of Constellations
  • 9781398204737 Mysteries of Moons and Moon Phases
  • 9781398204713 Mysteries of Meteors, Asteroids and Comets
  • 9781398204751 Mysteries of Planets, Stars and Galaxies
  • 9781398204799 Mysteries of the Universe