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Wanted! The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog


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Jeremy Strong

AR level
MY 3.9


Wanted! The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog


Here comes Streaker, the fastest dog in the world!

Streaker is in trouble AGAIN! She's stealing food and Trevor, the owner, has no idea why. The police are tailing her and this time they've been joined by a ruthless dog catcher. WANTED posters are appearing everywhere - how long can Streaker stay out of the pound?


Streaker the dog is lost. And not just a bit lost, but really lost.

It wasn't even her fault! She wanted to protect some pies from the PIE ROBBER and suddenly she's miles from home and two-legged Trevor AND she has to make friends with a cat. A CAT! But it gets a lot HAIRIER when they find themselves face-to-face with a baboon. . .

Will Streaker ever see her beloved pups again? And more importantly, will she ever eat another donut again?