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New in! The Queen's Jubliee and Starting School books

In September 2008 we had our first child- a boy, called Ceph.

Being first time parents we did a lot of reading and regularly came across articles about boys being behind girls academically and as a result were determined that our little Bug, as he was affectionately know would have access to lots of books and reading time…

But then we went into the book shop. “How much?” My partner shrieked- my ever growing list of titles to buy was going to have to be heavily edited if all books were that price, something I just wasn’t prepared to do!

So I set about finding great books at more affordable prices. This did mean scouring the internet for hours, but thankfully Mr Bug LOVED story time so it all felt worthwhile.

2 Years on and we celebrated the arrival of our second son, Fenn- who is generally referred to as Didi Bug!

Reading the same stories again and again was great for the Bugs but Mummy and Daddy were reciting the popular titles without even looking at the pages we needed something new!

Eventually we struck gold and got a large selection of brand new books at a great price. There were simply too many for us alone and we did have some duplicates so we took what was left to our local toddler group, playgroup and round to friends and family where they were quickly snapped up. Surprisingly we didn’t have enough for everyone and ended up ordering more!

Seeing that there were lots of other Mums and Dads who wanted these books for their little Bugs, at an affordable price, with no catches or clubs to join we started thinking, ‘maybe this could work as a little business’ we could run in between toddler groups, feeding times, nappy changes, you know the drill!

Well, that was a few of years ago now and we haven't looked back.. Ceph 'Mr Bug' is now a teenager, Fenn, 'Didi Bug' is 11, Oren, 'Wormy' is 10 and Reux 'Baby Bug' has just turned 6! Bringing up 4 wonderful boys hasn't been our only success over the last few years.

Books for Bugs has grown to a level we never expected! We now have a 5000 sq ft warehouse filled with books and supply parents, carers and schools around the UK every single day all thanks to our amazing team of 8 staff!

What does 2022 hold for Books for Bugs

Lockdown has seen many online retailers grow and we are very grateful to say that thanks to your support we have too! In particular our popular Virtual Book Fairs have flourished with popular times booking a year in advance!

This year we are increasing the number of schools we can support with these fairs by taking on a second picking and packing team- this is not only great news for schools but has also meant we have been able to offer more term time jobs, fitting around school hours to local mums!

We have also launched our new Wishlist options with our Book Hero launch for schools

Plus, we have two more exciting new launches coming soon- they are top secret for now! 

Most importantly though, there will be lots of brand new books coming in every few weeks, all for sale at just £2.50 each no matter what the RRP, so do keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for our latest news and products.

I'm pleased to also report that all the Bugs are still 100% book worms and Baby Bug is following in his big brothers footsteps!

Happy reading,

Sally, Andy and the Bugs x